Caminata tradicional por el andador Aurelio Ortega

Very close to the Historic Center and the Zapopan’s Arch you can have  some fun and enjoy with your family. Come and walk along the Aurelio Ortega walker and bike path, you can enter the Villa Fantasía Wildlife Conservation Center, you can also walk your pets and delight with traditional gastronomy.

The connection of the walker is impressive, you will pass through the Tepeyac, Zoquipan and Constitución neighborhoods, among others. In just 3 km you will be in Atemajac, where you can visit the square with its kiosk and its portals. It can be seen in the bell tower of its Franciscan church, an old bell, possibly forged in the 11th century, dated in 1019, although the church was consecrated until 1744.

Enjoy this family experience on weekends or a daily routine for the most athletic. You choose the plan that you like the most.


  • Si vas a ejercitarte, recuerda llevar ropa cómoda e hidratarte constantemente.
  • Recuerda que nuestras mascotas deben llevar correa y bolsa para desechos.
  • Todos los domingos en la Plaza de Atemajac se respira de un ambiente realmente pueblerino, ven a disfrutar con tus familiares y amigos.

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