El Diente

El Diente (The Tooth) Mountain, located in the town of Río Blanco, Zapopan, showcases four representative rocks: La Calavera y El Colmillo (The Skull and the Fang), El Cubo (The Cube), Paredes del Paraíso (TheWwalls of Paradise), and El Diente Norte (The North Tooth). The whole mountain is named after this last rock because it is the highest of them four and the one that can be more easily appreciated. El Diente is perfectly suitable for mountain climbing and it is one of Zapopan’s main tourist attractions and the most appealing in terms of mountaineering as it can be climbed during any time of the year and is suitable both for beginners and experts. El Diente is considered the ideal mountain to learn climbing because its rock formations offer several routes and scenarios with less or greater difficulty. It is advisable to visit the mountain accompanied by a tour guide or a climbing expert.

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Getting here:
Av. Río Blanco s/n, Col. Poblado de Río Blanco, C.P. 45134.