Waking up to Zapopan’s local festivities

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GREAT FOR: Families - Couples - Friends
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Colorful dances and parades with a most traditional flair. Both in July and September the local Saint is celebrated with open-air parties and music, as well as a celebration known as the Tastoanes. In October, religious pilgrimages become a unique celebration renowned through all the country. Devotion, magic and culture come together in a most delightful event.

The Tastoanes take over the city, and people wear all kinds of colorful masks to evoke the triumph of the natives over the conquerors, while also honoring Saint James, son of Zebedee. The greatest celebration takes place in the community of Nextipac, although you can also find celebrations in Ocotan, Ixcatan, Tesistan and Tepetitlan on different dates. The main streets are filled with food, music and hundreds of games for both children and adults. You should not miss the main parade, where the most daring residents dance acrobatically and wear extravagant masks with long mesquite hair.

In October, religious pilgrimages come to town, and the virgin of Zapopan visits its inhabitants. War bands follow her image through the streets, while the people carry hundreds of banners representing their neighborhoods and cultural groups. The celebration begins on October 12th and continues until dawn, when the commemoration is transformed into a celebration for the dancers. Day and night hundreds of people dance while dressed in feathers, penachos and fine typical clothes. Thus they embody their ancestors through their dance.

We recommend:
  • Book your hotel in advance, these are very special local festivities and hotels fill up quickly.
  • Also, streets are very crowded during these days, so take care of your belongings and establish meeting places with your family or friends.
  • Each Zapopan community has its own traditional festivals. Ask for the calendar in the information modules.
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