University agora in action

TYPE: Weekend - Relax - MICE
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples - Friends
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon
#MeetZapopan #University

Zapopan has unique college campuses and a high educational influx. Every year the city opens its doors to thousands of students of all the possible branches of knowledge. It is the main cultural center in the West of the country. The University of Guadalajara (UDG by its acronym in Spanish) is the most demanded, and therefore it decided to open its renowned University Cultural Center.

Head to the university area. On one side of the Peripheral Ring stands a building with a unique architecture, featuring large windows and obtuse beams: the Juan José Arreola State Public Library. Its large lobby takes you directly to a square with gardens known as the Plaza Bicentenario, which every afternoon bursts with families and friends who come to enjoy theater plays, dance performances and music concerts, or just to have a nice picnic. A cultural encounter in every possible aspect.

Just as any work in progress, we can already see the features of the new buildings which will soon shelter art venues as well as other expressions of knowledge. The wait won’t be long and will be worth the time. If you walk through the parking lot, on the opposite sidewalk you will discover the Telmex Auditorium, the best theater in America due to its modern technology and its unique features. This is a city of books, gardens and opportunities for encounter.

We recommend:
  • Check the billboard to see the upcoming events and enjoy as many as you can.
  • Use the lockers inside the State Library to keep your valuables, or those things you will not need for the time being.
  • Although it is not part of the Cultural Center, the 2nd Street is a multifaceted venue hosting all kinds of events, check the billboard and enjoy its offer.
Start here:
Periférico Nte. #1695, Col. Parque Industrial Los Belenes, C.P. 45157.
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