The Wixárika legacy

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Next to the hundred-year-old Basílica de Zapopan, we find the Wixárika Museum of Huichol Art, which, for more than 15 years has exalted and spread the culture and traditions of the main ethnic group of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Its brief tour shows several images and texts explaining their political organization as well as their customs and traditions. While visiting the place you will feel as if in a real Wixárika cave.

In the first hallway you will find the tsikuri or the eye of god, which serves as an amulet or an emblem of the huichol people. Also, discover their colorful arts and crafts known as Kuka. At the end of the tour you can buy pens, masks or even paintings which illuminate any spaces with their vibrant colors, all made by local inhabitants of the western sierra.

Continue your tour outdoors, cross the square and in the 20 de Noviembre Walkway you may find several Wixárika artists selling their handicrafts, while willing to explain their manufacture process and the world view behind it. In the end of the walkway, on 5 de Mayo Street, you may visit the Colegio de Jalisco, a beautiful mansion with a unique library in which you can find several publications regarding the Wixárika culture as well as Jalisco’s history. You will enjoy an experience full of knowledge hidden in this arts, crafts and books.

We recommend:
  • If you want to learn more about the Wixárika culture, you can also visit the museum located on the Mezquitic-Guadalajara Highway in Mezquitic, Jalisco.
  • Their handicrafts are of the best quality, please avoid haggling.
  • Verify their opening days and hours. The entrance fee is 10 pesos, (it is advisable to bring the exact amount).
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Eva Briseño #152, Col. Centro, C.P. 45100.
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