The urban pulse VIP: Plaza Andares

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More than 13 hectares for leisure, shopping and business in the Mexican West. Its nucleus is called Plaza Andares and it emulates the most magnificent shopping centers in the world, in addition to raising awareness about environmental impact. The place provides a constant pulse to the metropolitan region.

On Patria Avenue, you will find this meeting point. Make a 360º turn before entering the facilities and have a glimpse of the skyscrapers reaching towards the skies with their bright windows and mirrors. The city of the future is being built right here and you can be part of it. Coach, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Tous, Michael Kors and Lacoste are some of the brands you may find at Andares.

Take a stroll through the bridges in the second floor, and find the perfect place to have a nice cup of coffee or a cold ice cream, or just take a sit and rest of all your shopping surrounded by the lush vegetation behind the venue’s crystal walls. If you are a coffee expert you must definitely visit the one of a kind boutique Nespresso.

You cannot miss the delicious restaurants located in the gastronomic corridor with its meat cuts, seafood, cocktails and much more. La Docena, La Vaca Argentina and La Moresca restaurants await you. Be part of the vibrant pulse of this modern city.

We recommend:
  • Download Plaza Andares official app with a map, a directory and the programmed activities.
  • Andares publishes its own magazine which you can visit online.
  • If you need lodging in the surroundings ask about the 257 bedrooms available at the new Hyatt Regency.
Start here:
Blvd. Puerta de Hierro #4965, Col. Puerta de Hierro, C.P. 45116.
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