The Garden of Eden of the Chivas soccer team

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It all started in 2010, when Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, perhaps the most important soccer player in Mexico nowadays, crossed the boundaries of the Manchester United’s defense. That very day one of the most fervent fandoms in the country was inaugurating its new home, more modern, innovative, safe and sustainable. That very day, cheers and pyrotechnics welcomed the arrival of one of Mexico’s favorite sons: the Chivas Stadium (formerly Omnilife Stadium).

Nestled in the flat area of the Bosque de la Primavera (Spring Forest), stands this mighty construction, which houses the matches of the beloved Chivas soccer team. The stadium simulates a volcano encapsulated in natural vegetation, with a large white dome. It is so large that it can shelter approximately 50 thousand attendees. The opening of the 2011 Pan American Games took place here.

Its facilities can be visited by tourists every day; but it is advisable to verify schedules and availability via telephone. The tour allows you to descend to the dressing rooms, the chapel, the warm-up area, and to sit in front of the court in the local team’s benches. To increase their passion, fans can also visit the Chivas Museum, which is currently under remodeling but will open its doors in brief so that its visitors can interact with the team’s history and take a close look to their 11 national championship cups. More than 110 years of tradition, sport and passion at your fingertips.

We recommend:
  • The stadium is located in the outskirts of the city, so you need to have a car or get a private taxi.
  • If you want to attend a match, inquire about the different seat prices at +52 (33) 3777 5700 or check their website.
  • If you are visiting with your family you can plan a whole recreational day and visit the Metropolitan Park as well, or go shopping at Galerías Guadalajara.
Start here:
Av. Circuito JVC #2800, Col. El Bajío, C.P. 45017.
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