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Your home is a unique space, decorate it with harmony and good taste. We recommend you to visit these epicenters of minimalism and elegance available to all pockets and suitable to even the more eclectic tastes. Live in a space designed to suit you.

Very close to Plaza del Sol you will find the perfect places to express your passion for interior design, such as Tuto Pelle, with its comfortable and elegant furniture. Find the most innovative and 100% Mexican products in Artex with its 25 year of experience. Just next to it we find Placencia Furniture; ask about its catalogs, going from the most traditional to the most modern offer in interior design.

If your passion takes you even further, go to the Andares area. Luxury and comfort will lead the way. Have a look at the wonders in CASE and its products made in Mexico. If you are an enthusiast of interior design you will love the furniture at Natuzzi. If you want something completely unique, you can go to Amparo Taylor, one of Mexican’s most renowned interior designers.

We recommend:
  • A new design center with very affordable prices is located in Patria Avenue, only a few steps from Plaza Amistad.
  • Now that you’re out, have a meal or a snack in one of the many restaurants available at the local Plaza’s and Shopping centers.
  • Compare prices before buying, inquire about discounts and packages.
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