Roaming the streets of Zapopan

TYPE: Center - Family - Weekend
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon
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Cobbled streets and traditional quarry arches lead the way to Zapopan’s history and culture. After a walk around the square you will find the 20 de Noviembre Walkway or Paseo Teopiltzintli, with its many coffee houses and restaurants, serving the best of Jalisco’s cuisine. Just a block away, on 5 de Mayo street, we find the cloister of the state’s knowledge: the Colegio de Jalisco, where you should not forget to visit its libraries: Agustín Yáñez and Miguel Mates, and the special section focused exclusively on local publications.

After two blocks of old mansions and antique buildings we find a famous square: Plaza Las Américas “Juan Pablo II”, the perfect representation of its town, created by and for its inhabitants. In the background, facing the square, stands the Basílica de Zapopan, the second most visited temple devoted to Mary in Mexico’s western region.

Go inside the Basilica’s atrium and take a look of its 17th century facade. In the middle of the temple you can see a beautiful stained glass window and its imposing ionic columns on the side. Watch the local families as well as the tourist rest in the planters while enjoying the delicious tejuino, a traditional drink made with corn and lemon ice cream. Keep strolling and buy some religious souvenirs outside the Basilica. Finally, sweeten your visit with a dessert, such as the camote candy.

We recommend:
  • Visit the Restaurante Los Campesinos, with its wide gastronomic offer and its inviting setting.
  • Keep roaming the streets until you find a new square: Plaza Caudillos, a calm esplanade linked to the Walkway and to the Municipal Palace.
  • Identify the Sapote trees, after which the city received its name.
Start here:
Paseo Teopitzintli s/n, Col. Centro, C.P. 45100.
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