Organic and original, a city Made in Mexico

TYPE: Family - Relax - Shopping
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon

Visit Zapopan’s most organic venues, learn where to buy and where to eat healthily. First of all, go to Adolfo López Mateos Avenue, in the colony Arboledas you will find the most delicious and healthy restaurants. The gourmet food trucks are a wise choice, clean and original, they offer a unique menu, but you have to verify their location in advance. If you are looking for something more substantial Calabacitas Tiernas, is ideal for you, a local bistro with original dishes prepared with organic ingredients.

If you are looking to buy some groceries or food to prepare at your place, in the nearby area you will find organic stores with products such as vegan meat and mushroom pozole. You can also walk towards Galerías shopping center, and in the way you will find Purorganiko or O-Mart Ecomarket, suitable even for the most demanding tastes in organic cuisine.

Besides these venues, the government along with several Wixárika craftsmen associations promote the sale of organic products in outdoor markets, mostly located around the Municipal Palace or the 20 de Noviembre Walkway. You will find everything from herbal shampoo and organic chocolate to clothes made in pre-Hispanic looms.

We recommend:
  • Only buy products you will need or use in a short period of time, being organic, these products are free of conservatives and they have a short life span.
  • You can also find this sort of shops at the Americana de Guadalajara Colony, inquire about its renowned Chapultepec Avenue.
Start here:
Av. Sierra de Mazamitla #5249, Col. Las Águilas, C.P. 45080.
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