Joy in the Woods

TYPE: Family - Weekend - Nature
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples - Friends
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon
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Release the stress and begin your day with a morning run in an area considered to be the lungs of the metropolitan area. Bring your family, have a picnic, ride a horse, or simply take a stroll under the sapote and pine trees. You have three options: Bosque Los Colomos, Parque Metropolitano and Vía Recreactiva.

Zapopan and Guadalajara are sister cities that not only share their ways and customs, but the magnificent Colomos Forest, with 92 peaceful hectares of foliage, horses, pastures and natural tributaries. If you travel with your family, find the palapas or the shade of the eucalyptus, the ideal place for a picnic.

If you are looking for more activities and want to take your pet with you, visit the Metropolitan Park, which features an exclusive section for dogs to play and run freely, just remember to respect the appointed perimeter. Take a walk following the red path, you will find two small artificial lakes surrounded by small palapas. Different activities take place under the shadows of the trees: yoga, meditation, as well as recreational activities for the little ones (they also have trampolines and rent tricycles).

On Sundays another park awaits you: Vía Recreativa. Located on Patria Avenue, between Federalismo Avenue and Acueducto Avenu, it offers a comfortable public space for bicycle riders, runners and families. Music, classes, a pet adoption program, a small soccer field and workshops, these are all available in one place: Zapopan.

We recommend:
  • Take care of your belongings, remember to pick up the trash and avoid causing any damage to the facilities.
  • Also visit Zapopan’s Parque Hundido, an ecological reserve with springs where you can appreciate the region’s endemic vegetation.
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