Iztépete: the arrival of the spring

TYPE: Family - Weekend - Nature
GREAT FOR: Families - Friends
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon
#TraditionalZapopan #Archeology

It is March 21st. The flowers awake and the sunrises intensify, but there is something else waiting for you. Go to Iztépete, the living memory of a time of splendor. Dress in white, raise your hands and let yourself be guided by the murmur of the wind.

The Atemajac Valley is more than the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. It is a sacred territory that still guards the energetic centers of the pre-Hispanic era. The Iztépete is one of those centers, guarded by the local indigenous community through generations. It is also a region rich in obsidian.

Behold its amazing structures and witness the traditional dancers wearing their colorful crowns known as penachos. Close your eyes, listen to the calling of the dancers and their pre-Hispanic instruments. Welcome the spring and be welcomed by it at Iztépete.

We recommend:
  • To know: The tombs of Tabachines, or the archaeological zone known as El Grillo, are another archaeological vestige. However, you can not access that place by the moment.
  • Iztepete is located within the urban area of Zapopan.
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Av. Mariano Otero #640, Col. Mariano Otero, C.P. 45067.
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