Haciendas: secrets kept through times

TYPE: Weekend - Relax - MICE
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples - Friends
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon
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These ancient spaces taken out from fairy tales, with a unique architecture and surrounded by exuberant vegetation had been now transformed into comfortable hotels, with gardens and lounges where you can host your special events. All the luxury and beauty of Zapopan can be found here, in its best kept secrets: the haciendas.

The beauty of past times can now be witnessed at Defranca Alojamiento, with an unforgettable view of the Rift: Barranca del Río Santiago. Be amazed by its architecture, a mixture of the present and the past and by the chapel, the lake, the water mirrors, the patio and the unique viewpoints that comprise this paradise.

One of the most productive lands in Jalisco has now become the favorite venue for your parties: Hacienda Santa Lucía. Not only is it part of the Franciscan Route, but it also offers the best banquets with author specialties and live shows. Everything you imagined comes true in this place.

Hacienda La Magdalena is another of Zapopan’s beautiful refuges. You will find ample and renovated cloisters which still guard the charm of yesteryear. Its spa is one of the bests in the area, with its water therapies, massages and of course its relaxing pool. You cannot leave without visiting these emblematic places.

We recommend:
  • Watch closely. In the wooded area, on the way to Santa Lucia, you will find quintas, mansions and many places that will make you feel that you went back in time.
  • The haciendas not only offer lodgings for tourist, they are also some of the must demanded venues for weddings, baptisms and all kinds of events.
Start here:
Av. Juan Manuel Ruvalcaba #139, Col. Santa Lucía, C.P. 45200.
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