Franciscan memories

TYPE: Family - Religious
GREAT FOR: Families - Friends
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon

Dressed in dark clothing, the Franciscan monks arrived to Mexico in the sixteenth century and created a society that honored a different god from that of the tribes of Aztec lineage. To learn more about their history visit the Parish of San Pedro, with its enormous atrium and the elegant pinnacle in the facade.

About 13 kilometers from the Downton area, in San Francisco Tesistán, we find the church of San Francisco de Asís, with a solemn facade and a beautiful patio surrounded by arches. Its most important celebration takes place in August: the delicious Elote Fair. The next stop is Santa Lucia which is not a temple, but an old hacienda with a chapel, which every April receives the Virgin of Zapopan. Marvel at the beautiful fountains and the cobblestone in this completely Franciscan environment. If it is spring or summer you will also be able to enjoy the lush vegetation that surrounds the place.

Santiago de Nextipac is the main point of your journey. Its church is simple, with handkerchief vaults and its architecture revealing the passage of time. One of the most important local festivities takes place here, the renowned Tastoanes takes place in July, when the streets are colored with feathers, masks and traditional dances, a unique and most theatrical performance.

We recommend:
  • Continue your architectural tour. In Santa Ana Tepetitlán, San Juan de Ocotán, Zoquipán, San Francisco Atemájac del Valle, San Francisco Ixcatlán and similar places throughout Zapopan you can appreciate amazing temples, evidence of the Franciscan passage through the region and connections to its religious past.
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