Enchanting and revitalizing shopping

TYPE: Family - Weekend - Shopping
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples
LIVE IT: In the morning and in the afternoon

Did you know that Mexico’s first shopping center is located in Zapopan? And that Zapopan houses some of the most important shopping centers in the country? Enjoy this most stylish city, become part of its urban pulse, eat in the best restaurants, fall in love in its shopping malls.

Plaza del Sol offers more than only shopping, it is a cultural and historical place, with quiet open air agoras, international brands and local businesses which coexist in a magnificent venue since 1969, making it the main commercial center of the country. It is the perfect place to spend your weekend. Nearby you can find the Gran Plaza Fashion Mall in case you want to continue your shopping tour.

Hey! Your shopping day is not over yet. Walk west, on Ignacio Luis Vallarta street, Galerías Guadalajara shopping mall still has a lot to offer, it is one of the most important shopping centers in the country with its 4 levels of shops and ample parking. You will be astonished by its unique architecture and the organization of its department stores. And if you have a very refined taste, surely Plaza Andares is the ideal place for you, an absolute must when shopping in the West of the country.

We recommend:
  • Compare prices before buying. The possibilities are endless and there are options for every pocket.
  • Most of these places have parking lots with an additional cost. Take this expense into account in your budget.
  • Visit also Plaza Patria, in the Jacarandas area, near the construction works for Kidzania, the city of children.
Start here:
Av. López Mateos Sur #2375, Col. Ciudad del Sol, C.P. 45050.
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