An Ecological Fantasy Villa

TYPE: Center - Family - Weekend
GREAT FOR: Families
LIVE IT: In the morning
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Only a few blocks away from Downtown Zapopan, both kids and adults can find a unique outdoor refugee: Villa Fantasía. Best known by the locals as Zapopan’s zoo, which, for more than three decades, has preserved the city’s flora and fauna.

It is very easy to find, thanks to the bougainvilleas, water bushes and sapote trees that adorn its sidewalk. You can arrive through Aurelio Ortega Avenue or Juan Manuel Street. It is located a few blocks from the emblematic los Charros de Jalisco Stadium and near the city’s Entrance Arches, depending on the route you chose.

The park appears silent at first, but once you go inside its main paths, you will discover restless raccoons, lazy bears and dozens of singing birds. Turn around! There’s crocodile with a turtle sitting on it! There is also a greedy fox sneaking around and how beautiful is the plumage of the peacock! Enjoy this fantasy come true.

At the entrance of the zoo you will find the children’s playground area, with see-saws, slides, toy cars which they can drive, and even a big toy truck. There is also a lunch area with tables for family and friends to enjoy a nice meal. Visitors are allowed to bring food inside as long as it does not harm the ecosystem or the animals. A natural experience available for the whole family.

We recommend:
  • Keep an eye on the smaller children and do not let them wander off.
  • The entrance fee (9 pesos) is used for the place maintenance. However, taking care of the ecosystem and facilities is responsibility of everyone.
Start here:
Av. Aurelio Ortega s/n, Col. Tepeyac, C.P. 45150.
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