A spinning top for the little ones

TYPE: Family - Traditional
GREAT FOR: Families - Couples - Friends
LIVE IT: In the evening or at night
#MeetZapopan #Kids

Enjoy the unique the adventure of learning between rays, stars and small cities. Head to the west of Zapopan, in front of the PALCCO complex you will find an Eden for the little ones, which is also a great deal of fun for parents. Find the rectangular arc painted in a vibrant pink. You have just arrived to the Magic Spinning Top.

Immediately after crossing the welcome arch you will see the great spinning top, spinning without stopping. Its different halls with funny names will lead you through a world of fun and knowledge. The science of water and soap, how to be an artist or a television broadcaster, and more. You can also learn more about quotidian things: the human body, our planet, electricity or the internet. Do you know how was the bread roll created? Here they will tell you this and more.

In the surrounding of its unique radial structure you can enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature. Look at the ceibas in the central patio. Enjoy the children’s games and have a meal under the pitched roof structure decorated with colorful paper. Become a fan of the Magic Spinning Top. You will never want to leave!

This interactive museum is located in the west side of the Municipal Headquarters, thus you can go and get some refreshments at Real Center which are located nearby. If you feel like it you can go across the street into the MURTV, (within the facilities of PALCCO), a documented museum about the history of mass media, both fun and innovative.

We recommend:
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so you can go in and out every hall room without nuances.
  •  Check the entrance fees and available discounts before paying your ticket.
  • Identify and locate the different halls and pavilions, as well as the outdoor areas. Establish a meeting point with your group in case you get separated.
  • If your children want even more fun they will sure love the video mapping projected on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays at Plaza las Américas. The show begins at 21:00.
Start here:
Av. Central #750, Col. Residencial Poniente, C.P. 45136.
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